At Neuron Magic, we believe in helping others. We believe helping those in physical need is important, but helping individuals to express their ideas and creativity is equally as important. Therefore, in our initiatives, we motion to raise funds for those in need of monetary support through various channels which allow others to express and showcase their ideas and talents to the world.

Who We Are:

Neuron Magic is a Canadian startup organized, managed, and run by 5 concerned high school students who dream of progress, global change, and youth empowerment. We are a youth-driven organization based in Richmond Hill, ON that strives to create positive global impacts for the current and future generations through philanthropy, love, and determination.

Our Vision:

To change the way we live and work with technology. To reinvent the services that power our lives. To empower local youth to take part in entrepreneurial initiatives. To emphasize the value in each and every individual. For everyone to care about others. For everyone to believe helping others is more beneficial than helping themselves. For everyone to make helping others part of their daily routine. For everyone to take action to make a change.

What We Believe In:

We believe in doing good. We believe in being transparent in our actions, and honest in our intentions. We believe that business can take on a role in improving the world we live in. And we believe that we can be successful in our goals.